Michael Moiseyev (mlordm) wrote,
Michael Moiseyev

It's a small, violent world

At a random party in west philly tonight, I ran into two people I knew from before college. One was an artsy kid that I vaguely remember from 6th and 7th grade, before I had a complete grasp on the English language or my surroundings. The other was actually a pretty good friend in 11th grade, and my other high school friends had made several prior failed attempts to find him. Apparently, I sound and act just like I did 6 years ago, but with significantly more height, beard, and wife than before.

I wore my big blue hat. On my way back home, a cab stopped next to me. A guy came out, and asked me why I gotta wear that hat. Another stayed in the cab, laughing. I replied that many of us wear hats. He repeated his query. While I searched for words, I saw him move strangely out of the corner of my eye (I was looking up and away as usual). Then everything jerked, I felt my lenses pop out of my eyeglass frame, and the left side of my face got very warm. "Jesus dude, what the fuck?" was all I managed to get out while I made a grab for a falling lens and the guy ran back into his cab. By the time I looked up, he was slamming the door behind him and yelling at the cabby to go. I was flattered, but then again I did have my wizard staff (random stick I found yesterday) with me.

My cheek is a bit swollen and purplish, and my lip appears to have a knuckle-shaped tear in it. No one is going to believe that it wasn't Yuliya. But I am in an overall good mood, just another proud member of this small, violent world.
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