Michael Moiseyev (mlordm) wrote,
Michael Moiseyev

Part 2

June was pretty much spent moving. We (and I mean that pronoun sarcastically) had a mountain of very important crap that took long enough to categorize bit by bit that I decided to just make a bunch of trips on my car rather then rent a Uhaul.

5 round trips from Pittsburgh to Philly were certainly interesting. There was a very symmetrical, sharp looking mountain just off the turnpike half way. On one of my last trips, I decided to pull over and climb it. When you're balanced in the crown of a tree on the exact top of the highest hill for 20 miles on the morning of June 21st, holy crap does the sun come up early. The sky started changing color at 4:05 AM. If only I had taken a flashlight, or if the damn moon had been out, I at least wouldn't have messed up my knee. Still, a very fun five hours. I might have to come back when the leaves change color.
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