Michael Moiseyev (mlordm) wrote,
Michael Moiseyev

Random and untimely

Preparation for the wedding was insane. It consumed May. Also, costly. If only I had been gay, my parents would have simply disowned me rather then talk me into one of these.

The wedding itself was actually very nice. My sister summed it up in her toast. It went roughly like "This is so weird, this issoweird, thisissoweird, thisissoweirdthisissoweirdthisissoweird, ... thank you all for coming!"

Honeymoon was cool. Yuliya hated it at first, because Italy failed to live up to the bar set by Disneyworld. Wedding presents were awesome. The sheer size of my Aunt's family's cash contribution was a bit overwhelming, but it was also pretty amazing to have had half the stuff we needed to make the new appartment liveable gift-wrapped in the trunk. So a huge thanks to all the donors.
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