Michael Moiseyev (mlordm) wrote,
Michael Moiseyev


All in all, my first month here has been pretty easy. Wouldn't be the first time I've said that, of course. School is interesting. I haven't read this much in a while. My classes are:
Intro to Public Affairs
Economics & Public Policy
Research Methods & Analysis
Budgeting & Financial Analysis

I also work part time as a research assistant with the survey unit. This past week, it's been more interesting that I expected it to be. I'm looking for response trends in a failed survey, so that my boss can put together a report on why hardly anyone completed this thing. Not surprisingly, emails to gmail users are an order of magnitude more likely to be answered than emails to aol users.

I promised quite a few people back in Pittsburgh that I'd do something useful out here. Right now, the goal is to get a policy analyst job with NYC's office of labor relations. I'd really like to eventually work for the US department of labor, but I'm not getting ahead of myself this time. I'd be quite happy to finish the degree, get a permanent job and pay off my college loans.

Hopefully my posts will be more frequent and funny in the future. I pretty much drained myself for the rest of the day with one attempt at a dead elephant joke. Seriously kids, if you're ever not feeling right about getting married, don't tell yourself that you can always get divorced later. It doesn't seem to ever stop sucking.
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