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I was browsing through my okcupid friends network when I found Atlas Shrugged on Ken Hamm's book list. While I briefly wondered whether he might be a full blown objectivist, I got hit with a wave of disgust. The reason has nothing to do with Ken and little with Ayn Rand herself. The concepts of rational self-interest, moral dominance and a deterministic scale of human worth simply overlayed themselves in my mind with 3 days of news reports out of Falluja.

I am a little unnerved by my reaction. I used to know a handful of objectivists, along with at least a couple of dozen people that had at some point enjoyed Atlas Shrugged. I genuinely liked many of the former and most of the latter, and found the rest at the very least amusing. And yet now, before I stopped to think (and realize that for what it's worth, Ken is very unlikely to actually be an objectivist), I was for a moment frozen in fear with the idea that someone I like subscribes to an ideology that gave birth to the intellectual cornerstones of the neoconservative movement.

Not that long ago, I looked on the 2004 election as a win-win. Either I would get a government that represented my wishes better, or I would watch the country implode on itself and march in some kickin' rallies. Now, I find myself losing my sense of humor about the situation. Which disturbs me, because without humor I am either a less angry Rolf or a more handsome Brian Namey. Seeing as how I get angrier and uglier every day, I need to rectify this state of events. Maybe I'll write an angsty LJ entry, and take a drink for every *hug* I get.
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