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If there is anything I learned from nearly five years of writing proofs, it's that disconnected chunks of rambling describing different events in different ways can be streamlined into a cohesive logical framework by starting the last part with "Therefor,"

So basically, all of the interviews went well, and now I need to pass 3 exams to start the new job. I get some help preparing from American Express, and a 3k starting bonus when I've passed the last one. Soon after the interviews, my cousin Greg and his girlfriend Rebeca visited from New York. Much fun was had.

So for the time being, I've put math aside. I'm still studying for the LSAT in my spare time, but pretty much still for my own curiosity. More so, I'm busy studying for the NASD Series 7 broker's exam. And getting to know the neighborhood better. There is a tall abandoned building nearby that leads to some rooftops. From which I can watch the mostly transvestite hookers working the corners. I actually love my neighborhood, it's safe even at night though in a cutely creepy way.

Now, back to Federal Reserve Bank Repurchase Agreements.

The bankers followed us out west
And did in mortgages invest
And looked ahead and shrewdly planned
And soon they'll have our Kansas land.
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